Music Therapy for Dogs


Music Therapy for Dogs

Like humans, dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety in their day to day lives. Anything can trigger anxiety in your dog, from the front bell ringing to the sound of your neighbor’s dog barking next door.

My own dog, Axelle, has a very real fear of the sound of running water, and she runs for cover whenever she hears the shower turn on. She also has some pretty serious separation anxiety.

No one wants their dog to be anxious. Most of us know from experience that anxiety is no fun, but anxious dogs can be especially problematic when their anxieties turn to destructive behaviors like chewing, incessant barking, potty accidents, and fear-aggression.

That’s why, as a musician, pet care specialist and all around dog enthusiast, I love the idea of music therapy for dogs.

But is there any science behind music therapy, or is this just some hokey idea with no real backing?

My personal experience with my dog has allowed me to believe that music therapy for anxious dogs is effective, and I know the method has worked wonders for many of my clients’ dogs as well.

Still, I was curious about what science had to say. So, I did some digging and here is what I discovered about music therapy for dogs.

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by Madison Guthrie – via Jen Reviews